The image is a meme consisting of a grid of six photos of Kanye West, each featuring a slightly different facial expression. The meme’s text suggests that each expression corresponds to a moment in time related to the evolving reaction to COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, as it became a more pressing global concern.

The first two images at the top are labeled “February” and “March 1,” and show Kanye smiling, reflecting a more relaxed attitude towards the coronavirus memes that were circulating online early on, when many people did not yet feel the full impact of the pandemic.

The next two images, labeled “Last week” and “This morning,” show Kanye’s smile beginning to fade, indicating a shift in sentiment as the reality of the pandemic began to set in and the situation became more serious.

The final two images, labeled with “This morning” and “A little later this morning,” show Kanye with a concerned and then a more distressed expression, suggesting an increasingly worried reaction as the situation develops further within a short timeframe.

This meme reflects the rapid shift in public sentiment about the coronavirus as it transformed from a topic of online jokes to a significant and worrisome pandemic. The use of Kanye’s changing expressions captures the way many people’s feelings evolved from amusement at the meme culture surrounding the virus to genuine concern as its impact on daily life and global health became more apparent.

The meme taps into the collective experience of processing the pandemic through humor while also acknowledging the growing anxiety many felt as the implications of the virus became more severe. It’s an example of how memes can encapsulate complex and changing public emotions in a format that is easily shared and understood within the culture of the internet.