1 Secret tip for big doritos

The image is a meme that humorously parodies clickbait-style advertising. It features a man holding a comically oversized triangular chip, resembling a Dorito. The overlaid text plays into the sensationalist nature of clickbait with phrases like “1 SECRET TIP FOR A BIG D*RITO” and “THE CHIP INDUSTRY HATES HIM, CLICK HERE BEFORE IT GETS BANNED,” suggesting that there’s some forbidden knowledge that chip manufacturers don’t want consumers to know.

The absurdity of the situation, with the exaggerated size of the snack and the hyperbolic text, is intended for comedic effect, mocking the way some online ads promote exclusive or secret information that is typically trivial or non-existent. It’s an example of internet humor where the punchline is the exaggeration and the promise of dramatic results from mundane activities, in this case, eating chips. The image is likely meant to be shared for laughs, poking fun at the sometimes ridiculous nature of online marketing tactics.