Arrested for selling tickets to heaven

This image seems to be a screenshot from an online article with a headline that reads “Couple Arrested For Selling ‘Golden Tickets To Heaven'”. The article appears to originate from Jacksonville, Florida, and details the arrest of two individuals, Tito and Amanda Watts, for selling what they claimed to be tickets to heaven to hundreds of people. The story states that the tickets, priced at $99.99 each, were allegedly made from solid gold and would guarantee the buyer a spot in heaven.

Below the headline, there are two mugshot photos. The first shows a man with unusual markings on his face, and the second is a woman looking straightforward with a neutral expression. The text below these images is a quote from a police spokesperson explaining that while selling tickets to heaven isn’t in itself illegal, the couple misrepresented their product, as the tickets were just wood spray painted gold.

Following this, there are quotes that are presented as statements from the couple given to the police. Tito Watts’s alleged statement is particularly outlandish, claiming he was instructed by Jesus to sell the tickets and mentioning an alien named Stevie. Amanda Watts’s alleged statement is more succinct, expressing that she was not involved in selling the tickets.

The story concludes with the police saying they confiscated over $10,000 in cash, five crack pipes, and a baby alligator, which adds another layer of peculiarity to the already bizarre story.

It’s worth noting that stories like this can often be satirical or fictional, as the details seem quite absurd and fantastical. The nature of the police statements and the items allegedly found suggest that this story might not be a factual recount but rather a piece meant for entertainment or humor. This type of content is often shared on the internet for its shock value and to provoke a reaction from readers.