Do you even smoke ketchup?

The image is a sequence of four memes, each with a photo and accompanying text, portraying a satirical and exaggerated conversation between a daughter and her mother, with the final image including both parents.

In the first photo, a young girl is whispering into her mother’s ear, and the mother looks shocked. The text reads, “’DEQUAN SAYS I DON’T NEED SCHOOL, HE CAN SUPPORT US BOTH WITH THE MIXTAPE HE ABOUT TO DROP.'”

The second photo shows a different young girl with her hand over her mouth in a ‘speaking out of turn’ gesture, while another girl seems to be in the middle of a scolding from an adult. The text here reads, “’NO MOMMY ONLY DAQUAN CAN HIT IT FROM THE BACK.'”

The third photo depicts a teenage girl looking embarrassed and uncomfortable while seated on a couch with concerned adults standing over her. The text says, “’Jennifer who got you pregnant?’ ‘idk, Daquan let the whole squad hit'”.

The final photo shows a teenage girl seated at a kitchen island looking disinterested and aloof, while two adults appear shocked and concerned. The accompanying text states, “’Is Daquan even planning to marry you?’ ‘For the 100th time mom, he’s already married to the streets.'”

These memes are part of internet humor that often uses exaggerated scenarios for comedic effect, centering around the fictional character “Daquan,” who is typically referenced in memes as a stereotypical ‘bad boy’ figure. The humor is derived from the outlandish and inappropriate responses the daughters give, which are meant to shock or appear absurdly out of touch with conventional expectations. These scenarios are not meant to be taken literally but as an over-the-top depiction of youthful rebellion and the generation gap between parents and children.