don’t eat fruit seeds or else

The image features a two-part meme. The upper section contains text that sets up a scenario: someone accidentally eats a fruit seed, and their friend exclaims in an alarmed manner, “Omg you know it’s gonna grow in your stomach???????” This is a common childhood myth that plays on naive conceptions of biology, suggesting that swallowing a seed could result in a plant growing inside a person.

The lower section of the meme shows two images of a young boy reacting to this idea. The first picture has him holding his head with both hands, a gesture of intense disbelief or shock, mimicking the reaction one might have if they believed such a myth. His eyes are closed, and his mouth is open as if he’s screaming or gasping. In the second image, the boy appears distressed, with one hand on his forehead and a pained expression on his face, as if the realization of what could happen is setting in.

The caption “7 yr old me:” ties the images to the text above, indicating that this is a portrayal of the meme creator’s childhood self or a universal child’s reaction upon hearing such a dramatic and erroneous claim. It’s a relatable depiction of the kind of gullible moments everyone has as children when they take fantastical statements at face value.

The meme taps into a shared cultural joke, playing on the innocent gullibility of children, and the absurdity of the myth itself. It uses humor to evoke nostalgia and the shared experience of growing up with such innocent but misguided beliefs. The imagery and text together create a humorous vignette that resonates with many who had similar experiences during their childhood.