Dude look like a reeses cup.

The image is a humorous meme composed of two photos placed side by side and a text overlay. The photo on the left shows a man wearing sunglasses with a distinctive hairstyle, while the photo on the right features a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

The man’s hairstyle is quite unique; it has a very sharp, straight-lined, high-top fade with the sides of his head shaved extremely close to the skin. The top of the hair is sculpted in a way that it is perfectly flat and horizontal, similar to the flat, ridged surface of a Reese’s cup. This visual similarity is the focus of the meme.

Accompanying the photos, the text overlay narrates a fictional exchange between a barber and a client:

  • Barber: “What you looking for?”
  • Dude: “I’m not sure, but I like Reese’s”
  • Barber: “Say no more”

This dialogue plays on a humorous internet meme format where a barber ostensibly takes a customer’s preference or comment extremely literally when deciding on a hairstyle. In this scenario, the client’s stated preference for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups has been humorously interpreted as a style inspiration for his haircut, which resembles the top of the chocolate.

The watermark “@barberfail” on both photos implies that the hairstyle is considered a “fail” or a humorous mistake by the barber, aligning with the meme’s intention to entertain by exaggerating the outcome of the haircut. The meme’s humor relies on the absurd idea that a barber would fashion a haircut based on a confectionery product, and the text presupposes an exaggerated level of confidence from the barber with the phrase “Say no more,” suggesting that they have completely understood the client’s non-traditional request.

This meme is typical of internet culture, which often revels in playful and ironic humor, exaggerating scenarios for comedic effect. The juxtaposition of the man’s hairstyle with the candy is visually striking and is intended to elicit laughter or at least a sense of amusement from the viewer.