Fireworks or gunshots

This image is a meme featuring the animated character Fry from the television show “Futurama.” It’s an example of the “Not Sure If” meme format, which typically features this image of Fry squinting his eyes in suspicion or confusion, accompanied by a caption that starts with “Not sure if…” and ends with a situation that is ambiguous or has two possible interpretations.

In this particular meme, the text reads “NOT SURE IF FIREWORKS OR GUNSHOTS,” which expresses a common urban conundrum where the sounds of fireworks can sometimes be confused with the sound of gunshots due to their similar loud, abrupt noises. The meme humorously conveys the difficulty in distinguishing between the two, often experienced during events like New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July in the United States, when fireworks are common. This meme taps into a shared experience that resonates with many people and is often used to comment on situations where it’s hard to determine what exactly is happening.