He Cant Help ugly

The image is a three-part meme often used on social media for comic effect. The top part shows a woman’s face with makeup that is applied in a way some may consider unflattering—her eyebrows and lips are heavily emphasized, and her expression is neutral.

The second part shows a different woman looking aside with a speech bubble that says, “Fix it Jesus,” a phrase that’s often used humorously to express a desire for divine intervention in a seemingly hopeless situation or to fix a problem that is beyond one’s ability to correct.

The third part of the meme has an edited picture of Jesus with a speech bubble that says “I can’t,” along with a laughing emoji, suggesting that the situation is too challenging even for divine powers. This part of the meme is a playful exaggeration, using the idea that if something is unfixable even by Jesus, it must be very challenging indeed.

The meme combines the idea that the woman’s makeup might be seen as a “problem” with a humorous overreaction. It’s important to note that while the meme is meant to be funny, it also can be seen as making fun of someone’s appearance, which could be hurtful. It’s a reflection of how online humor can sometimes tread the line between funny and mean-spirited.