He is a child of God

The image is a humorous meme featuring a photograph of two men on what appears to be public transportation. One man is dressed in a security or transit authority uniform, and he seems to be checking the tickets of passengers. He’s holding what looks to be a ticket inspection device. The other, a passenger, is showing something to the uniformed inspector.

Accompanying this photo is a caption that plays on the dialogue between the two men. The text above reads, “SIR, WHY DO YOU HAVE A CHILD’S TICKET?” This is presumably what the ticket inspector is asking the passenger. Below, the passenger’s presumed witty retort is, “BECAUSE I AM A CHILD OF GOD.”

The joke here is based on a double entendre. Child tickets on public transport are typically meant for minors, who pay a reduced fare. The passenger’s response humorously subverts the question by interpreting “child” in a literal but philosophical sense, referencing a common religious phrase that implies everyone is a ‘child’ under God, therefore playing on the idea that he is spiritually, if not legally, entitled to a child’s ticket.

The humor also comes from the context that such a response would be unexpected and out of place in the typically mundane and straightforward process of ticket inspection. It plays on the idea that humor can be found in everyday situations by subverting our expectations of normal social interactions.

The meme has likely been shared for its clever wordplay and the humorous expression on the passenger’s face, which seems to reflect the cheekiness of his response. The watermark “memecrunch.com” suggests that the image was created or shared on a meme generation website, highlighting its purpose for entertainment and social media sharing.