He looks like Lisa.

The image displayed is a screenshot of a tweet from a Twitter account named @KodakBlack1k. The tweet expresses frustration from the account owner about repeatedly receiving a particular type of content that they find annoying or displeasing. To emphasize their irritation, the user threatens to delete their Twitter account if people don’t stop sending them “this shit”, indicating their low tolerance for whatever is being sent to them.

Below the text of the tweet, there is an embedded image of a cartoon character that appears to be a parody or an altered image that combines features of the rapper Kodak Black and Lisa Simpson from “The Simpsons.” This character has Lisa Simpson’s distinct yellow skin tone, red dress, and pearl necklace but features Kodak Black’s hairstyle, facial expressions, and accessories, including his chain necklace.

The tweet is timestamped “9/6/18, 8:56 PM” and has received significant attention, as indicated by the number of retweets and likes—5,784 retweets and 28.2K likes—showing that many people have interacted with the post. The screenshot captures both the tweet and the Twitter interface, including icons for replying, retweeting, liking, and sharing the post.

This combination of frustration expressed by the user, the altered image they are being sent, and the public’s reaction (through retweets and likes) encapsulates the viral nature of internet humor, where images are manipulated and shared, sometimes at the expense of public figures. It’s common for such altered images to become a form of meme, circulated widely and contributing to the social media culture of creating humor through juxtaposition and modification of popular figures and characters.