hoes be like give me a kiss

This image appears to be a meme with a humorous intent. It features two women with highly exaggerated facial features, particularly oversized and protruding lips that are likely the result of digital manipulation. They are posing for the camera with their faces close together, as if ready to give a kiss. Both have dramatic makeup, with heavily lined eyes and voluminous lashes, which accentuates the comical effect of their altered lips.

The woman on the left has light blonde hair and is wearing what seems to be a checkered hat, which gives off a casual, perhaps autumnal vibe. The woman on the right has darker hair with highlights, and they both appear to be wearing winter clothes, suggesting the photo was taken in a colder season or environment.

At the top of the image, in a bold, white font against a black stroke, the text “HOES BE LIKE GIVE ME A KISS” is superimposed, which plays into the exaggerated pout of the women’s lips. The meme seems to be playing on cultural stereotypes and perhaps poking fun at trends of cosmetic enhancements or expressions of femininity that are seen on social media. The text, while intended to be cheeky, uses language that can be considered offensive and derogatory.

The style of the meme, including the font and layout, is reminiscent of those commonly shared on social media platforms and in internet meme culture. It is designed to elicit laughter or a reaction through its over-the-top portrayal and satirical caption. The source or original context of the photo is not clear from the meme itself, and it’s likely that the image has been taken out of its original context to create this comedic effect.