How to be Michael Jordan

The image displays a child’s handwritten note, possibly a school assignment or an activity sheet, with the title “Dream Big Chris lmao.” The sheet is divided into two questions that are commonly asked to children regarding their future aspirations.

The first question is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The child, identified as Chris by the name written in the corner, has answered, “I want to be Michel Jordan wen I grow up.” The misspelling of “Michael Jordan” as “Michel Jordan” and “when” as “wen” suggests the child’s young age or an early stage of developing writing skills.

The second question is, “What do you need to do to achieve your dreams?” Below it, Chris has listed three items:

  1. Get biger
  2. Shave my hed
  3. Be black

The list showcases a mix of innocence, humor, and a child’s literal interpretation of what it might take to become like the basketball legend Michael Jordan. “Get biger” indicates a child’s understanding that growth and physical stature are important for an athlete, especially in basketball where height is an advantage. “Shave my hed” reflects the recognition of Michael Jordan’s iconic bald appearance, which the child perceives as a trait that must be emulated. The third item, “Be black,” is a straightforward acknowledgment of Michael Jordan’s race. This item, though innocent, also touches upon the complex subjects of race and identity, as the child seems to perceive these as factors as important to their dream of becoming like Michael Jordan.

The note has been captured in a photograph that appears to be taken in natural lighting, perhaps near a window given the shadow cast across the paper. The text caption “Dream Big Chris lmao” added to the image likely by a social media user, indicates an amused reaction to the child’s candid and earnest responses. The term “lmao” is an acronym for “laughing my ass off,” commonly used in digital communication to express amusement.

The image reflects the innocent yet poignant way children understand the world around them, how they form their aspirations, and how they believe those aspirations can be achieved. It also subtly reflects the impact of cultural icons on young minds, demonstrating how figures like Michael Jordan serve as role models for children, shaping their dreams and the attributes they believe are necessary for success.