How to drop a hot mix tape

Weather man pointing to a 158515 degree error on the map.

The image features a weather forecast display gone awry, with a meteorologist pointing to a map where one of the temperature readings says “158515°.” This absurdly high number is clearly a technical glitch or input error on the weather map. The caption below adds humor to the situation: “This is where my mixtape dropped.” In the vernacular of pop culture, claiming one’s music mixtape is so “hot” it could affect the temperature is a playful boast about the quality or “fire” of the music. The joke here is that the mixtape released by the person who posted this image is so intense, it caused the temperature to spike to an impossible number on the weather display. It’s a clever play on the internet meme where people humorously overstate the quality of their mixtape by likening it to literal heat.