How to properly ride and size a bike

The image is a meme that captures two young men posing for a selfie with another person, presumably on a bicycle, slightly out of focus in the background. The caption on the meme says, “We’ll talk about the hairstyles later, let’s talk about the guy on the bicycle,” humorously directing the viewer’s attention away from the striking hairstyles of the two foreground figures to the less noticeable person in the background.

The two individuals in the forefront have distinctive hairstyles, with one featuring an arrangement of upright twists. While their hair might typically draw immediate attention, the meme creator playfully suggests that the real point of interest is the person on the bicycle in the background, whom viewers might initially overlook.

This meme follows a common humorous template where the caption redirects attention from the obvious subject to something unexpected or incongruous in the image. The humor is amplified by the implication that there’s something worth discussing or unusual about the bicyclist, even though they are not clearly depicted.

The watermark “” suggests that the image was either created or circulated on the iFunny website, a platform for sharing funny pictures, memes, and videos. Memes of this nature often rely on visual gags, misdirection, and a playful commentary on the content of the photo.

The meme taps into the internet culture of layered humor, where the text accompanying an image sets up a punchline or a joke that may not align with the most prominent elements of the photo. It reflects a type of humor that finds delight in the unexpected and encourages viewers to look beyond the obvious to find entertainment in the subtle details.