I keeps it grimey

The image appears to be a collage of fashion photos featuring a woman posing in a casual and confident manner. She’s wearing a sleeveless white T-shirt with the phrase “I KEEPS IT GRIMEY” in bold black letters. This shirt is paired with a striped, knee-length pencil skirt and colorful open-toe high heels. Her style mixes streetwear elements with a more classic, form-fitting skirt, creating a striking contrast.

Her accessories include large hoop earrings, several bracelets, and glasses, which complement her bold and individualistic fashion sense. Her hairstyle is natural and voluminous, adding to the overall lively and self-assured vibe of her look.

In the background, the watermark “Ratchet.Pics” suggests that the image may be sourced from a social media account or website that shares various styles or themes of photos. The term “ratchet” can sometimes be used to describe a style that is unconventional or avant-garde, and it might be used here ironically or as a statement of fashion independence.

The woman’s posture and smile project confidence and comfort with her unique sense of style. She seems to be celebrating her personal look and identity, defying conventional fashion norms. This image might be an expression of self-empowerment through fashion, embracing a look that is both edgy and playful.