If you are my Ex….

The image is a meme featuring a photo of a man speaking into a microphone, which gives the impression that he is a stand-up comedian in the middle of a performance. His expression is one of seriousness or disapproval, which may be part of the act or the punchline of a joke.

Overlaid on the image is a block of text that reads: “IF YOU’RE MY EX DON’T SPEAK TO MY FRIENDS OR FAMILY THEY BROKE UP WITH YO ASS TOO!!” This text represents a humorous take on post-breakup social dynamics, exaggerating the idea that when a romantic relationship ends, the ex-partner is also ‘broken up with’ by the friends and family of the other person. The language used is informal and mimics a spoken style, with the last word in all caps for emphasis, adding to the comedic effect.

The use of the word “ASS” in the text is a colloquial way to refer to someone in a slightly vulgar but humorous context. The exclamation points emphasize the comic delivery of the line.

This type of meme is common on social media, where relatable humor about relationships and breakups is popular. It reflects a candid, albeit exaggerated, sentiment that some might feel after a breakup, where they want to sever all ties with an ex-partner, including indirect connections through friends and family.

The meme is intended to elicit laughter or a knowing nod from those who relate to the sentiment, using the familiar setting of stand-up comedy where such personal and often sensitive topics are regularly explored with humor. The man’s earnest expression contrasts with the lighthearted, sassy nature of the text, which is a typical formula for this kind of meme, blending a visual cue with a punchy caption.