Letter spacing

This image shows a sign for the fast-food chain Pizza Hut, promoting a meal deal called the “Big Dinner Box” for $19.99. The humor in the image arises from the unfortunate letter spacing in the phrase “Big Dinner Box,” where the letters “D” and “I” in “Dinner” and the “B” in “Box” are placed too closely together, resulting in the words appearing to read as “Big D Inner Box.” The bottom of the image contains a caption that humorously comments on the situation: “LETTER SPACING IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE.” This caption emphasizes the importance of proper letter spacing in typography, as incorrect spacing can unintentionally alter the intended message of the sign. The photo appears to be taken from a vehicle, given the angle and the blurred background that suggests movement, or from a distance across a parking lot, capturing the common and sometimes comical pitfalls of sign design.