Noooo Demarcus don’t look!

small boy looking at young women
Demarcus likes girls now

The image presents a humorous situation, framed as a meme, that captures a young boy’s reaction to seeing an attractive woman. The text above the photo says, “At that point, lil Demarcus knew he didn’t wanna play with power rangers anymore,” suggesting that the boy, referred to as ‘lil Demarcus’, is at a turning point in his childhood where he’s beginning to notice the opposite sex.

In the background of the selfie, we see ‘lil Demarcus’ holding a drink and looking on with an expression that could be interpreted as awestruck or captivated. The contrast between his innocent activity of sipping a beverage and the sudden realization indicated by his expression creates the comedic effect. The woman, who is taking a selfie and likely unaware of the young boy in her shot, becomes an unintentional focal point of the image.

The meme plays on the familiar coming-of-age narrative where a child has a moment that signifies the beginning of their journey towards adolescence. The mention of “Power Rangers”, a popular children’s show known for its action-packed adventures that typically captivate young audiences, underscores the boy’s innocence and the humorous implication that he is now interested in more ‘grown-up’ things.

The meme is effective because it juxtaposes the purity and simplicity of childhood with the complexities of growing up, using the boy’s expression as a visual punchline to convey this narrative shift. It’s shared for its relatability and humor, resonating with an audience who remembers their own childhood and the moments that marked the end of certain innocent enjoyments.