Ratchet Beefs

This image is a collage of three pictures, meant to humorously stereotype a certain type of fashion style that the meme refers to as the “ratchet girl who beefs with everyone.” Each picture highlights a different aspect of what the meme creator perceives as indicative of this stereotype.

In the first picture, we see a close-up of a pair of boots, worn and leaning to one side, suggesting they are well-used or not well taken care of. The second picture is of a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, which might be included to imply a preference for bold and spicy snack foods associated with this stereotype. The final picture features an extreme close-up of a woman’s eye with very long, dramatic false eyelashes, suggesting a bold and attention-grabbing makeup style.

The term “ratchet” is slang, often used to describe someone (typically a woman) with a loud or aggressive demeanor, or who is seen as seeking attention through confrontational behavior. The fashion elements chosen for the meme are popularly associated with this term in certain social circles or media portrayals.

The text “Ratchet.pics” serves as a watermark, indicating that the image might have been sourced from or created by a social media account or website that shares content mocking or highlighting what they consider “ratchet” behavior or style.

The image plays on social stereotypes and is created for comedic effect, drawing on exaggerated cultural depictions. Memes like this one rely on collective recognition of certain fashion choices or behaviors to generate a humorous response. However, they can perpetuate stereotypes and may not be sensitive to individual expression or cultural contexts. It’s important to approach such images critically, as humor at the expense of a group or individual can reinforce negative stereotypes.