Top haircuts of 2019

man with strange hair cut

The photo shows a young man with an unusual and humorous hairstyle that has been altered to create the effect of having a third eyebrow. The person’s hair is dark and cut in a distinctive style, with a sharp contrast between the shaved and longer portions. The haircut features a straight line of hair across the center of the forehead that mimics the appearance of an eyebrow. Additional hair strands are shaved above and below this line to enhance the illusion of an eyebrow, complete with what looks like individual hair strokes.

The top part of the hair is shaved in a curve that follows the shape of the head, leaving a strip of longer hair on the lower half of the scalp, styled to droop over the forehead. The real eyebrows of the person appear to be untouched and natural. This image seems to play on the meme format where a barber-client interaction leads to exaggerated and literal interpretations of customer requests. The text “Barber: What you want? Me: I need a third eyebrow, STAT. Barber: SAY NO MORE” implies a humorous conversation between the client and the barber, suggesting that the client asked for a third eyebrow and the barber took the request quite literally, resulting in this unique hairstyle. It’s a visual joke, highlighting the sometimes humorous outcomes of communication taken too literally.