The image is a meme featuring a close-up photo of Donald Trump with a facial expression that could be interpreted as uncomfortable or dismissive. The text above reads “SAYS HE’S GOING TO DESTROY ISIS,” and the text below reads “TOO SCARED TO SPEAK IN CHICAGO.” This meme is likely referencing a specific event or period when Donald Trump made a bold statement about taking decisive action against ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), which is juxtaposed with a claim that he is apprehensive about speaking in Chicago.

The meme uses irony to highlight a perceived contrast between Trump’s declared position on international terrorism and the suggestion that he is intimidated by the prospect of engaging with audiences in Chicago, a city which has often been the subject of American political discourse regarding crime and violence. It implies a discrepancy between the toughness Trump claims to have in his political rhetoric and the bravery required to face a situation he might find challenging or hostile.

Memes like this are often used for political commentary, satire, or simply as a form of humor. They are designed to convey a message quickly and are easily shareable on social media, where they can reach a wide audience. The humor or criticism in such memes typically comes from the juxtaposition of grandiose claims with mundane or contradicting situations, and they rely on the viewer’s awareness of the current events or public statements they reference.