Waitin on W2’s

The image is a meme that features a character from a film set in historical times, likely representing an African American person from an earlier century, characterized by her attire and the rural setting. The text above reads, “Waitin’ on W2s like…” and below is the quote, “Anything come fa me?” which is written in a dialect style.

The meme humorously connects the anticipation for W-2 tax forms, which are essential for filing taxes in the United States, with the character’s eager expression and the historical context of waiting for news or mail. This juxtaposition creates a comedic effect by applying a modern-day situation of waiting for something important, like a tax document, to a historical scenario where one might be waiting for any news from afar.

The use of this image in the meme may draw on the character’s expression of hope and expectation, resonating with many who are anxiously awaiting their own tax-related documents. It is shared for its relatable sentiment around tax season, as many people can empathize with the feeling of anticipation for something that may bring a financial return.