What’s killing you?

The image you’re referring to is a meme featuring a character wearing the iconic mask from the “Halloween” movie franchise, which represents the character Michael Myers. This character is typically known in the films for his silent demeanor and as a figure of horror. However, in this meme, he is depicted in a relatable and humanized moment, sitting on a couch with a pensive look, his hand resting on his chin as if deep in thought.

The text over the image reads, “when they always ask u why u killin them but they never ask whats killin u.” The meme is using a play on words and the context of the character to create a humorous twist. In the films, Michael Myers is a killer, hence the phrase “why u killin them,” but the meme takes this in a metaphorical direction to suggest emotional or psychological struggles, flipping it into a statement about being asked about one’s outward actions without considering the internal struggles one might be facing. It plays on the common saying where people are asked about their negative actions, but their personal difficulties or pains are often overlooked.

The juxtaposition of a horror figure with a sentiment that is commonly expressed in discussions about mental health and emotional well-being creates the humor in this meme. It’s an example of how internet culture often repurposes pop culture icons and images for comedic effect, creating a stark contrast between the character’s usual portrayal as a villain and the all-too-human feeling of being misunderstood or not fully seen by others.

Memes like this one can be a form of dark humor that uses unexpected elements to make a point, in this case highlighting the importance of understanding what people are going through internally, not just judging their external actions.