White girl smoked weed once

The image displays a playful take on a popular internet meme format known as the “starter pack”. It features two pictures of a woman at the top and a collection of themed socks at the bottom. The woman is dressed in a jumpsuit that’s adorned with a cannabis leaf print, and she’s also wearing a beanie with a similar motif. Her pose and smile suggest she’s embracing the theme with a sense of fun and irony.

The title “the ‘white girl who smoked weed once’ starter pack” suggests that the outfit is an exaggerated portrayal of someone who tries something once and then adopts all the associated stereotypes for fun. It’s a tongue-in-cheek commentary on how people sometimes enthusiastically embrace a culture or a lifestyle after a single experience, as seen by her full-on cannabis leaf outfit.

Below the images of the woman are rows of socks, each with a variation of the cannabis leaf design, reinforcing the theme presented above. These items seem to represent a stereotypical accessory choice one might associate with cannabis culture.

This starter pack meme plays with the idea of quickly adopting a particular style or identity, even if one’s experience with it is minimal. It’s a humorous observation about how people can sometimes immerse themselves in certain aesthetics after a fleeting encounter with the culture it represents. The use of the starter pack format allows for a lighthearted poke at this tendency, making it an image that might resonate with anyone who’s seen similar behavior in real life or even on social media.