Who is ready to play? Candy Crush Soda Saga Secrets

It is eight extinguish stage of soda water bottle. In the initial placement, there are three one trout worth of division trout in the upper part of the screen.  It is difficult because it erases the bottle of this part. It is not likely to only erase using a special candy from the main board.

Level 52

Since the movement of 30 times, you can not spend much trouble. Since the advent candy is seven colors, it is difficult to create special.  As much as possible any leaving one color, let’s turn off the other colors. The more monochromatic it will help make the special.  I would like to note, the horizontal stripe is is that you can not use “by itself”. The aim of the now stage does not make sense to turn off the horizontal so sturdy.

Because it is a stage that candy is falling from the top, making it easier inevitably can horizontal stripe. Since the horizontal stripes candy necessary later, please set aside for the second half.

Fish is to aim to divide the board is the best. If the creation and placement of the vertical stripes Muzukashikere Let’s create a fish.  in preference to it is very convenient booster so you turn off the bottle.

But, it is not a complete turn off once. Bottle is a mission I do not come out only in this division board.  Since the turn off one and will come out next bottle, it does not have enough in the one animal fish considering the efficiency.  So, you can mix and horizontal stripes made from the beginning. Fish went to aim the bottle, makes it the erasure of one row by the effect of stripe.  I felt that if off the horizontal line in the division board, I will erase at once three of the bottle.  Repeat this, it is clear mission Once erase eight of the bottle.  Since fish and horizontal stripes are made easy to make, you can easily clear If you make aggressively.

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