You know its bad when ET

The image is a meme, which typically consists of a photo with superimposed text to convey a humorous message. In this case, the photo is of a person posing for a selfie, seen from a side angle. The text on the meme makes a playful and humorous comparison to the character E.T. from the classic science fiction film, suggesting that the pose or perhaps some aspect of the photo is unusual or unconventional.

Memes like this are part of internet culture and are often created and shared to entertain or make light of social trends, such as the popularity of taking selfies. This particular meme appears to employ exaggeration for comedic effect, implying that the situation must be quite remarkable for such an iconic and otherworldly character from popular culture to engage in the act of taking a selfie.

It’s important to note that while memes are meant to be lighthearted, they can sometimes be perceived differently by different individuals, and what is humorous to some may not be to others. This meme seems to be a playful jab at selfie culture, not intended to be taken seriously.