Hanger muffler fix

The image shows a close-up view of a vehicle’s exhaust pipe. Attached to the exhaust pipe is a clothes hanger, an unconventional and makeshift repair to presumably hold the exhaust in place or to repair a break in the system. The hanger appears to be made of metal, which is somewhat durable but not typically used for automotive repairs due to the heat and stress involved.

The use of a clothes hanger for car repairs is a stereotypical example of a temporary fix or a “hack job” that is not intended to be a permanent solution. It’s often done when someone either cannot afford professional repairs at the moment or needs a quick fix to keep the vehicle operational until proper repairs can be made.

The watermark “Ratchet.Pics” indicates that this image might have been shared on a platform or by a user who collects and posts images of unconventional solutions or humorous makeshift repairs.

This type of image is relatable to many who have faced similar dilemmas with their vehicles or other machinery and had to improvise with whatever materials were at hand. It often evokes a humorous response because of the creativity and resourcefulness displayed, despite the impracticality and often dubious safety of such fixes.