what up pope?

The image is a screenshot from what appears to be a Tumblr post that humorously comments on a candid photo of Pope Francis. The Pope is captured in a dynamic pose with an animated facial expression, with his hand outstretched in a manner reminiscent of a singer or rapper mid-performance. The text on the screenshot humorously exaggerates the scene by saying, “damn the pope about to preach some sick verses,” implying that the Pope is about to deliver a rap verse. Following that, another line of text reads, “the guy beatboxing behind him,” which jokingly suggests that the man in the background is beatboxing to accompany the Pope’s “rap.”

The post then clarifies that “the guy” referred to is actually the Italian president, which further adds humor by pointing out the casual and playful misidentification of a notable figure. Lastly, it pairs the Pope and the president as a duo with the moniker “P-Francis and the Prez,” again playing on rap and hip-hop culture where artists often have stylized stage names.

The original Tumblr username “fuckyeaholdemort,” a play on the character Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, is visible at the top, indicating that the post was meant to be humorous and irreverent. The watermark “Ratchet.Pics” is again present, signifying that this image circulates on platforms that share funny, odd, or unexpected moments captured in photos.

The image has received a significant number of notes—a term Tumblr uses for likes, reblogs, or comments—indicating its popularity and the amusement it has provided to viewers. The image’s humor lies in the playful and light-hearted interpretation of a moment captured in a photograph, creatively weaving a narrative that contrasts sharply with the usual solemnity associated with religious and political figures. It exemplifies the way internet culture often remixes real-world content into entertaining memes that resonate with online communities.