Hoes be like

The image is a meme that features a monkey with makeup applied to resemble human cosmetic styles. The monkey is dressed in a pink blouse and adorned with multiple strands of pearls. The applied makeup includes eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. The text “HOES BE LIKE MAKEUP ON POINT” is placed at the top, implying a humorous comparison between the monkey’s appearance and humans who take pride in their meticulously applied makeup.

The meme plays on the human practice of enhancing physical features with makeup, suggesting that the monkey is trying to emulate this with a touch of humor. The phrase “on point” is a colloquial way to express that something is done correctly or looks great, and in this context, it is used ironically.

Such images often circulate on social media platforms for their comedic value, as they anthropomorphize animals by dressing them up or applying human attributes to them, leading to an amusing and often absurd visual.