I love you 5 eva

This is a two-part meme. The top half looks like a screenshot from a social media site. It’s got a short story written in text-speak about a boyfriend and girlfriend. The story goes that the girl asks if the boy will love her forever, he says “No,” and then a series of dramatic events unfolds, ending with the girl dying and the boy saying he meant to say he will love her “5ever,” which is supposedly more than forever. The humor intended here is based on the exaggerated and nonsensical storyline written in a quirky online slang.

Below the screenshot, there’s a cartoon image of Spider-Man sitting in a hospital bed with the words “THAT POST GAVE ME CANCER” in bold. It’s using the character of Spider-Man to humorously exaggerate how bad or cringe-worthy the person found the story above. The phrase is an internet slang term people sometimes use to express that they think something is really bad or disagreeable. It’s important to note that it’s not a literal statement, just a hyperbolic way to express strong dislike, although it can be seen as insensitive and is not a particularly kind way to talk about something.

The combination of the two images suggests that someone found the exaggerated and poorly written love story so bad that it had a negative physical effect on them, portrayed by the image of Spider-Man in the hospital. It’s a form of internet humor that plays on dramatic exaggeration for comedic effect. The entire meme seems to be a commentary on the quality of some posts found on social media platforms, poking fun at overly dramatic and poorly written content.