The image is a four-panel meme with the caption “COMING OUT OF QUARANTINE LIKE,” suggesting a humorous take on the effects of quarantine on personal grooming and beauty routines.

The first panel shows a close-up of someone’s face, focusing on the upper lip with a noticeable amount of hair growth, indicating a lack of waxing or shaving, which might be due to the closure of beauty salons.

The second panel is another close-up, this time of a person’s eyebrow, which appears to be uneven and possibly overgrown or poorly shaped, again implying a lapse in professional grooming.

The third panel displays fingers with grown-out nail polish, where the gap between the cuticle and the polish shows how much the nails have grown, indicating time has passed since they were last manicured.

The final panel features the top of a person’s head, showcasing roots that have grown out, displaying a significant contrast in color between the dyed hair and the natural hair color at the roots.

The compilation of these images creates a humorous narrative about how people’s regular beauty and maintenance routines have been disrupted due to the quarantine, resulting in a somewhat disheveled or unpolished appearance. The meme resonates with many people who found themselves unable to visit hair salons, nail salons, and other beauty service providers during lockdowns.

It plays on shared experiences and the mutual understanding that during the pandemic, self-care and grooming took on a different form due to necessity, and many had to embrace their natural state or attempt do-it-yourself solutions. The meme is light-hearted and relatable, connecting people through common challenges faced while beauty salons and other services were inaccessible.