The draft 2021

The image is a meme featuring a young man leaning against a tree with a calm expression on his face. His pose is imitative of a maternity shoot, a type of photography that typically features pregnant women cradling their bellies. The man’s stance includes a hand under what appears to be a prosthetically created pregnant belly, poking out from his partially lifted shirt.

The text above the image reads, “U.S. Army: You have been drafted.” Below the image, the single word “Me:” implies that the man’s response to being drafted is to pretend to be pregnant. The humor derives from the incongruity and absurdity of the situation, as pregnancy is not applicable to the man, and it implies an attempt to avoid military service through a comically unrealistic disguise.

This meme taps into historical and cultural references where individuals have attempted to avoid conscription in various ways, often through feigning medical conditions or other disqualifications. The image plays on this trope, using the exaggeration of a man staging a pregnancy as a form of satire.

It’s important to note that memes like this are a modern way to engage with social and political topics through humor and are not meant to trivialize the seriousness of military service or the experiences of pregnancy. Instead, they provide commentary on current events, in this case perhaps a hypothetical scenario, through a blend of irreverence and comedy that is common in internet culture.

The meme is intended to elicit a laugh or at least a chuckle at the unexpected and humorous visual and textual juxtaposition, contributing to the ongoing dialogue and expressions surrounding the topic of conscription and the lengths to which some might go to avoid it.