When you looking at memes from other sites

The image is a meme featuring a sequence of identical photos of a man’s face, each with the word “Wack” placed below it. The man is wearing glasses and has a neutral or slightly displeased expression. Above the series of images, there’s a caption that says “chopping down a tree like

,” which is a play on a popular meme format that associates the action of physically hitting something (in this case, a tree) with the expression “Wack.”

This format typically illustrates a repetitive action or sentiment, and in this context, it humorously portrays the man as unimpressed or underwhelmed with each chop at the tree. The word “Wack” is slang for something that’s considered to be poor in quality or unenjoyable, and its repetition here emphasizes the monotony or dissatisfaction of the task at hand.

The repetition of the image with the same expression also mimics the rhythmic action of chopping wood, with each “Wack” representing a strike. The meme plays on the notion that chopping down a tree is laborious and perhaps unexciting, and the man’s facial expression suggests he’s not finding joy in the work.

It’s worth noting that this meme could be shared in a variety of contexts, often unrelated to the actual act of chopping wood. It might resonate with anyone who has had to perform a repetitive task that they found tedious or unfulfilling.

As with many internet memes, the humor comes from the combination of a relatable feeling conveyed through a recognizable format. The watermark “Ratchet.pics” indicates that the meme may have been created or shared by a particular social media account or content site that specializes in this type of humor.